Question: I do not wish to break my kitchen platform while going in for a modular kitchen.  
  Answer: Yes. Your kitchen platform can stay intact. But, if you opt for standardised Hettich fittings, then the platform may have to be stylised accordingly.  
  Question: Can I get a modular kitchen in the budget that suits me the best?  
  Answer: Yes, you can get a modular kitchen according to your budget.  
  Question: Can the accessories in the wardrobe be as per my preference?  
  Answer: Yes, they can be customised to your needs.  
  Question: What are the accessories in a modular kitchen that you can provide in my budget?  
  Answer: We have pure stainless steel baskets. In case you wish to have slow-motion drawers, we can opt for German fitting.  
  Question: What is the price range of your modular kitchen?  
  Answer: We make modular kitchens starting from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 18,00,000.  
  Question: What are the colours available for a NANO Kitchen?  
  Answer: Red, Black, Green, Ivory, Silver, Walnut, Egg White and Grey  

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